Course# MOB22001
Wednesday - Friday
October 13 - 15, 2021
Marines’ Memorial Club & Hotel San Francisco, CA
Wednesday, October 13, 2021
7:00 AM   Registration Check-In / Continental Breakfast  
7:45 AM   Welcome and Opening Statements Amy (Meg) Autry, MD  
8:00 P Fibroid Management: What’s New? Alison F. Jacoby, MD
8:45 P Diagnosis and Management of Endometriosis Jessica Opoku-Anane, MD
9:30   Hot Topics in Urogynecology Olga Ramm, MD
10:15   Break  
10:30   New Guidelines for Cervical Cancer Screening and Dysplasia Management George F. Sawaya, MD
11:15 P Update on HPV Vaccination Karen Smith-McCune, MD, PhD 
12:00 PM   Lunch (On Your Own)  
1:15 P Keeping Up with the Contraceptives:  An Update Tania Basu Serna, MD, MPH
2:00   Hot Topics in Family Planning Jennifer Kerns, MD, MS, MPH
2:45 P Updates on Abortion Regulations Daniel Grossman, MD
3:30   Break  
3:45 P Osteoporosis: Updates and Guidelines  Jeffrey A. Tice, MD 
4:30   Sleep: Hacking our Stone Age Bodies to Sleep Better in the Digital Age Nirupam Singh, MD
5:15 PM   Adjourn  
Thursday, October 14, 2021
7:30 AM   Continental Breakfast  
8:00   Hot Topics in Genetics Mary E. Norton, MD
8:45   Race Concordant Care: Pathway to Achieving Health Equity Andrea Jackson, MD, MAS
9:30 P Buprenorphine Induction in Pregnancy Dominika Seidman, MD, MAS
10:15   Break  
10:30   Hot Topics in Maternal Fetal Medicine Juan M. González-Velez, MD, PhD
11:15   Hypertensive Disease in Pregnancy Frederico Rocha, MD, MS 
12:00 PM   Lunch (On Your Own)  
1:15 P COVID-19 Vaccines in Pregnancy and Lactation Stephanie Gaw, MD, PhD 
2:00 P Outpatient Induction of Labor Robyn A. Lamar, MD, MPH
2:45   How Long is Too Long? Defining and Preventing Labor Dystocia Rebecca H. Amirault, CNM
3:30   Break  
3:45   Evidence-based Cesarean Marya G. Zlatnik, MD, MMS
4:30   Implementing QI Bundles on L&D Melissa G. Rosenstein, MD, MAS 
5:15 PM   Adjourn  
Friday, October 15, 2021
7:30 AM   Continental Breakfast  
8:00   Infertility Options for the Generalist Heather G. Huddleston, MD
8:45   Hot Topics in REI Evelyn Mok-Lin, MD
9:30 P Menstrual Suppression in Trans Adolescents Mitzi Hawkins, MD
10:15   Break  
10:30   Fertility Options for Trans Patients Evelyn Mok-Lin, MD
11:15   Diagnosis and Prevention of Early Stage Endometrial Cancer Sara Whetstone, MD, MHS 
12:00 PM   Lunch (On Your Own)  
1:15   Hot Topics in Gynecologic Oncology Stefanie M. Ueda, MD
2:00   Sentinel Node Mapping in Gynecologic Cancers               Jocelyn S. Chapman, MD
2:45   Breast Imaging What and When Karla Kerlikowske, MD
3:30   Break  
3:45   Vulvar Dermatology Deborah J. Kamali, MD
4:30 P Finally Here: The 2021 CDC STI Treatment Guidelines Michael S. Policar, MD, MPH
5:15 PM   Adjourn  

P = Nursing Pharmacology Credit
Each lecture includes 10 minutes built in for audience questions and answers